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DELTARUNE - Why a True Genocide Route is Impossible to do

  November 01, 2018  ~    11.38 MB
DELTARUNE - Why a True Genocide Route is Impossible to do




I'm pretty sure that when you guys got your hands on Toby Fox's Undertale sequel, Deltarune, you had on your mind how the genocide route would turn out in this game. And when you did get the chance to try it, you find yourself unable to kill anything at all. In fact, that is what the game is preventing you to do. But why? Just watch the video and close out all of those nasty doujins on your other tabs. We're gonna check out what's going on with the Deltarune Chapter 1 and why it seems like it is forcing you to do a pacifist route.

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Please don't tell me you spent your entire Halloween playing Undertale 2 just like I did. Why did I do this? The game feels pretty short that it feels like something I wanna speedrun just for the heck out of it. I ain't doing it to make theories. Then again, I don't know how to do all of those dialogue skips in the original Undertale game, and I'm not sure if it applies here as well. I mean, I guess I could have done some practice runs but I ended up checking out some new Touhou doujins. There's this Futo one and WHOAAAAAAAA IT MADE MY SHIRT GET BLOWN INTO SMITHEREENS. I IMMEDIATELY STOPPED EVERYTHING I WAS DOING. I SUPLEXED THE CHICKEN I THAWED OUT BACK INTO THE FREEZER AGAIN BECAUSE I KNEW WHAT'S UP. I GRAZED MYSELF SO MANY TIMES THAT I got pretty hungry and just ordered food. Rip my money again. What have I done? Please. Get my game too on Steam. Actually better yet. Please give me a jobbbbbbb. I'll program anything for you. Even if it's just a dumb website where you click on your waifu's head to give them a headpat. Or a program where you just flush the toilet. I don't care. Just give me burgers and save meeee from unemploymenttttt!!!